Training of the lab personnel on “Spectrophotometric determination of added iron in the fortified wheat flour”

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August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020

One-day training was conducted for the lab personnel of Quality Control Laboratory of the Punjab Food Department Lahore on the spectrophotometric determination of added iron in fortified wheat flour samples.

Relevant laboratory equipment such as glassware and chemicals had already been provided in this lab by FFP. The laboratory personnel had already placed all the equipments on the lab table, however, these needed proper installation and operationalization. Additionally, the laboratory personnel lacked training and experience on the operation of all these lab equipments.

Accordingly, as a preparatory phase of the training, these were properly installed/started and the lab personnel were trained in their operation and use. Quite a significant part of the one-day training was utilized by this activity.

In addition to the equipment installation and operation, the training consisted mainly of following segments;

  1. Preparation of the required reagent solutions
  2. Preparation of stock solution, working solution and standard series followed by Standard Curve development
  3. Sample preparation (weighing, extraction, centrifugation, filtration, colour development, and reading optical density (OD) on a spectrophotometer
  4. Calculation of results using the “OD” values and the standard curve
  5. Interpretation of the results.

The trainee was asked to perform the analytical steps under the observation of the trainers, and were instructed and corrected where required. Subsequently the trainee was asked to take flour samples, supplied by FFP and complete all the analytical steps. The trainee completed the assigned task independently. Another session was conducted using computer for drawing a standard curve and calculating added iron contents of unknown samples in an Excel spreadsheet.


  • The trainee successfully conducted all the practical analysis steps under the guidance of the trainer.
  • Calculation and working-out the final results, being a complex step, was first demonstrated by the trainer and subsequently repeated by the trainee.
  • Excel spreadsheet was developed using the developed standard curve and the relevant dilution factor. The trainee can use the same spreadsheet for calculation of the results in the future.
  • The trainer provided his contact information to the trainee for easy contact in case help is needed.

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