Provincial Project Manager – Wheat Flour Fortification


Provincial Project Manager (PPM) – Wheat Flour Fortification

Position Title: Provincial Project Manager (PPM) – Wheat Flour Fortification
Reports to/Position Title: National Project Manager – Wheat Flour Fortification
Job Location: North Punjab (01), South Punjab (01)

2. Overall Purpose/Broad Function:

The Provincial Project Manager (PPM) will support the NPM – Wheat Flour Fortification to implement all aspects of the Wheat Flour Fortification components of the Food Fortification Program in the respective province. This will include but not limited to:

Support for project planning in the province.

  • Close coordination with key government and industry stakeholders at provincial level to establish multi-stakeholder coordination platforms;
  • Advocacy in the province for appropriate legislation, regulations etc. for mandatory fortification;
  • Strengthening public sector management for food control and quality assurance;
  • Support the development of monitoring systems;
  • Recruitment of wheat flour mills to the project;
  • Identification of equipment needs and the provision of subsidized equipment and pre-mix;
  • Development and implementation of training programs for quality control at mills.

3. Key Duties and Responsibilities:

3.1. Project development and planning:

  • Support the Technical Director and NPM Wheat Flour fortification in creating project’s provincial implementation plans and ongoing annual plans in edible oil fortification as needed.

3.2. Project Implementation and Management

  • Supervise the field officers to ensure that the activities at the provincial and district levels are aligned with the project objectives.
  • Deliver project procurement, finance and administration in line with project requirements.
    Assist in development of the mill induction process in consultation with NI NPM Wheat Flour
  • Fortification, provincial food departments and other stakeholders.
  • Plan and conduct awareness raising activities to generate demand for fortified flour.
  • Responsible for the implementation, monitoring and reporting of all project activities in the province; specifically:
    • Coordination: Develop and maintain liaison with government partners and key stakeholders at the provincial level and, coordinate and facilitate provincial and district level technical assistance. Coordinate with the identified suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply of premix and fortificants to the mills according to their requirements.
    • Advocacy: Support the Technical Director and NPM in planning and undertaking advocacy with key stakeholders for amendment in provincial level regulations, pure food rules, fortification protocols etc. aimed at effective and efficient enforcement of mandatory fortification of wheat flour and edible oil fortification in the province.
    • Technical Assistance to the government and industry:
      • Provide technical assistance to the provincial and district Departments of Health, and other government departments, and edible oil/ ghee industry
      • Prepare plan to ensure timely installation of micro-feeders and blending equipment according to the mill requirements
      • Ensure transparent implementation of the agreed sliding scale subsidy mechanism.
      • Ensure smooth supply of QA/QC equipment for internal and external QA/QC.
      • Finalize and implement plans for training of millers, food department officials and other stakeholders on wheat flour fortification processes and quality control
      • Liaise with partner organizations for smooth reimbursement of the subsidy to millers.
      • Ensure that the quality control laboratories (QCL) are established in the province/divisions/ districts and are used optimally.
      • Ensure that samples of edible oil are collected from all mills on a regular basis and analyzed in the quality control laboratories
      • Ensure that feedback is given to the mills and the organization responsible for administration of subsidy.
    • Research: Assist the national team in the implementation of research studies.

3.3 Project Monitoring:

  • Conduct provincial level project monitoring including coordination of data collection and reporting.
  • Line manage and build the capacity of the field officers and other provincial staff including development of their work plans.
  • Assist in development of internal and external quality control system and coordinate with third party quality control labs to ensure quality of the fortification process.
  • Regularly undertake monitoring/mentoring visits to the designated wheat and edible oil production units/mills and provide technical support to facilitate adequate fortification.
  • Supervise and monitor the work of the Field Officers in the Province to ensure quality implementation of the project.

3.4 Representation:

  • Represent NI at various relevant forums at provincial and district levels as requested by National Project Manager and the Technical Director.

Perform any other duties as may be assigned.

4. Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position will supervise the Provincial Project Officer, Wheat Flour fortification.

5. Education/Professional Designations/Experience:

  • Master’s degree in social sciences, medicine, nutrition, public health, public administration, international development or other related field.
  • At least 5 years working experience with international development organization preferably in the field of health and nutrition.
  • Program management, preferably in nutrition. Experience of working with government and industry and, line management of staff

6. Language Skills:

  • Strong written and spoken English is required.

7. Travel Requirements:

  • The position will be based at the respective provincial capital. Frequent travel within the province, to the federal capital and to other parts of the country will be required, when needed.

8. Other Specific Skill Requirements:

  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong understanding and experience of working with the local health system and in particular in nutrition programs. Strong attention to details and analytic skills
  • Team player, strategic thinker, self-starter, good communicator, and skilled networker
  • Proven organizational ability and excellent time-management skills