FFP launched national television campaign on eight television channels of Pakistan

The provincial representative of FFP met with the Secretary Implementation Planning and Development Department Government of Balochistan
August 26, 2020
Meeting held with the Minister for Food Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
November 5, 2020

The Food Fortification Programme (FFP) has launched a national public advocacy campaign, “Fortifying Pakistan’s Future”. The overall objective of the “Fortifying Pakistan’s Future” campaign is to raise public awareness of the benefits of fortified food to promote acceptance of the switch to fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee and prevent any negative public reaction. The expected outcomes of the “Fortifying Pakistan’s Future” campaign include:

  • increased knowledge amongst the general public, with emphasis on pro-poor communities, including men, women, pregnant and lactating women, other women of reproductive age and school children, about the benefits of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee;
  • to stimulate positive attitudes towards the consumption of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee amongst the same groups targeting major household (Male and female) decision-makers, purchasers, contributing to the increased household purchasing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee;
  • to increase knowledge amongst consumers that wheat flour and edible oil/ghee mills in their district has started fortification of wheat flour with iron, folic acid, zinc, and vitamin B12 and edible oil/ghee with vitamins A and D.
  • to mitigate any possible negative backlash against food fortification in Pakistan.

The televised commercials about the benefits of taking fortified wheat flour are to be broadcasted on eight television channels such as Waseb TV, HUM TV, Geo News, ARY Digital, HUM Masala TV, Khyber TV, PTV Home and KTN TV. The television campaign starts on 7 October 2020 and to be finished by 30 November. The media management agency will provide an independent media monitoring report of the Media Logics. The media monitoring covers broadcasting and transmission certificates from each television channel, monthly independent media monitoring report, analytical airing report (which shows population outreach and coverage, gender-segregated data of each district).

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